Understanding the Function of LPG Cylinder Regulators and Over Pressure Shut Off (OPSO) Devices

LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) cylinder regulators play a crucial role in ensuring the safe usage of LPG on inland waterway boats and other marine sectors. Combined with the incorporation of Over Pressure Shut Off (OPSO) devices, the level of safety is significantly enhanced. In this post, we will explore the purpose and function of LPG cylinder regulators and over pressure shut off devices.

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Purpose of LPG Cylinder Regulators

LPG cylinder regulators facilitate the safe flow of gas from the cylinder to the appliances they fuel. They act as a critical control mechanism, regulating the pressure of the gas to ensure consistent and reliable performance. Moreover, regulators help maintain a steady flow rate, compensating for variations in temperature and gas pressure. It is important that regulators and their hoses are checked periodically and changed when their lifespan is up.

LPG Cylinder Regulator With OPSO

Incorporating Over Pressure Shut Off (OPSO)

A requirement on all newly installed regulators since at least 2014, Over Pressure Shut Off (OPSO) devices provide an additional layer of safety in LPG installations. These devices automatically shut off the gas supply if the pressure exceeds the specified limit, preventing potential accidents or equipment damage. OPSO devices are an essential component in LPG installations where the pressure coming directly from the cylinder can be up to 6 Bar (around 90 PSI)

Involvement of Gas Safe Registered Engineers

The installation and maintenance of LPG cylinder regulators with OPSOs should only be carried out by GasSafe registered engineers. These professionals possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to ensure proper functioning and compliance with current laws and the latest safety standards. Your GasSafe engineer should be checking and testing the entire installation when working on any part of it, and issue you with an LPG Safety Certificate to certify this.

For quotes and bookings contact us on 07846 274 926 or email marineheatingsolutions@gmail.com