How to book your BSS examination with us. How to get a boat safety certificate.

Booking Your Boat’s Examination For A BSS Certificate

Thank you for choosing Marine Heating Solutions for your BSS examination. We are fully registered with the BSS Scheme to carry out examinations on private boats. As we also are gas safe registered for LPG on boats, we are one of the few businesses allowed to issue certificates for any liveaboard boat.

It is our duty to you and other waterways users, to the environment and the waterways authorities to undertake the examination with care and due diligence. Please read this post in full before booking your BSS examination with us. It contains everything you need to know about the booking process and about what happens on the day of our visit to your boat. BSS examinations can only be booked via email to

BSS -Boat Safety Scheme Examiner - Certificates

When booking your BSS examination with us, please provide the following information:

  1. The boat owner’s name, address, email address and mobile number.
  2. Name and type of boat, index number or registration number and colour
  3. The mooring or location the examination will take place.
  4. Whether the boat is CE marked under the Recreational Craft Directive.
  5. Whether it is a private vessel or a hire boat (please note that we cannot issue certificates for hire boats until further notice)
  6. What water, gas, electrical and heating systems are present, including the make and model of all fuel burning appliances.
  7. If all onboard systems are functional and have no known faults or issues.
  8. The type/quantity of engine(s) installed and type of fuel, including any generators.
  9. In the case of electrical or hybrid propulsion systems, the operating voltage, manufacturer and the company that installed the system

Required documentation, access, and other important information:

  • Please make available any manufacturer’s documentation, statements, or certificates needed to demonstrate compliance, if needed.
  • Also make us aware of anything which the BSS Examiner needs to see that requires the removal with tools of any panel, hatches or structure; or of anything that is normally kept in locked lockers, boxes, or compartments and needs to be exposed for examination.
  • For electric boats, ensure that the charging lead is available for examination.
  • For steam-powered engines, please provide the inspection certificate and current insurance policy or certificate.
  • Please ensure that sufficient power, fuel, and LPG are available to test appliances. We cannot record a pass for appliances that cannot be tested on the day. Fuel, water, and power should be sufficient for up to 15mins continuous run of all appliances.
  • Please make sure that any engines and fuel-burning appliances which get hot during normal operation, such as stoves, diesel heaters, central heating boilers, boat engines, etc, are off and cooled down for inspection.
  • For boats with shoreline hookups, inverters, or electricity generators, we will need to disconnect any AC electricity supply before starting the examination. We cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage, any incident or accident that may arise from undertaking the AC disconnection. This includes but is not limited to fridges or freezers, IT systems, security systems, switched-off bilge pumps. etc. It is the owner’s responsibility to make sure all systems are powered up as they should be when we reconnect the power after the examination is complete.
  • As part of our checks, we may be required to open cupboards and drawers. Please make sure that any fragile or private items are removed in advance. All areas of the boat must be accessible, please ensure the boat is clutter free and all systems are accessible for inspection

Boat Safety Examination For Vessels With LPG installations:

We are a Gas Safe registered business, with LPG and Boat qualifications. There could potentially be circumstances where we may identify additional safety-related LPG issues beyond the extent of the BSS Requirements.  After we have completed the BSS examination, we may feel duty-bound under our Gas Safe registration to address any additional issues.

Where a boat’s LPG installation is found to be at risk or immediately dangerous, we are required by law to carry out further examination and take steps in accordance with the Gas Safe Regulations and the Gas Industry Unsafe Situation Procedure. These differ from BBS Checking Procedures and are dealt with separately from the BSS examination. In this case, we would complete the BSS examination first and then address any additional concerns. Hourly labour rates apply.

Requirements For Boat’s Moored In Marinas, On Private Land Or The Towpath

If your boat is moored in a marina or on private land, please make sure that you have the owner’s permission (preferably in writing) for us to be on site. This includes permission to park our vehicle. We carry public liability insurance up to £5.000.000. The insurance certificate is available to view on request.

If you are moored on the towpath, please choose a place that is easily accessible, with a good solid bank to get on and off the boat and parking close by. Please avoid places that cannot be reached via a public path or road, require a gangplank to board the vessel, or are not near a parking spot. If your mooring is off the beaten track, please let us know in advance so we can come prepared.

Boat Safety Certificate Costs

The cost of the Boat Safety Certificate examination is £195. This is payable on the day, by cash or card, regardless of the outcome and whether a BSS certificate is issued or not. If the boat fails the examination, further visits may be required at additional cost. A 25% deposit is required when booking an appointment.

– Travel Charges

The call-out travel charge will depend on your location. There is no call-out charge if the boat comes to us. We are continuous cruisers on the Inland Waterways. Please email us for our specific locations at the time. Call-outs are available nationwide in England and Wales. If you know someone who needs a BSS certificate in the same location, you can book an examination together on the same day. You can then split the travel charge between you.

– Retest fees

Re-tests are normally charged at half the price of the original examination. Call out travel charges apply as normal. Re-tests must be done in person. BSS examiners are no longer allowed to accept photos as evidence. (In the case of missing documents or certificates, these can in some circumstances be submitted via email.)

– Payment Methods

We take payment for BSS examinations and Boat Safety Certificates by card or cash only, on the day. A 25% deposit will be payable upon booking your appointment. The deposit is payable by bank transfer only, using reference “BSS” followed by your registration number (e.g. BSS 123456). We need an internet capable phone signal to be able to take card payments. If there is no or intermittent signal where you are moored, please make sure you have cash ready. We do not carry change.

– Issueing Boat Safety Certicates

We issue BSS Certificates as electronic PDF files. These will be emailed to the email address you have provided. You are then able to print this for your own purposes if you wish. A customer report form will be issued on the day. This will give a rough overview of our findings, but this may not be a complete and detailed list.


Please make sure that the boat owner is present on the day and has plenty of time available. Boat safety examinations can take anything from 1 to 4 hours. Please make sure that all areas of the boat are freely accessible. As part of the examination, we will need your permission to take photographs of onboard systems and areas covered by the boat safety scheme requirements. Please make us aware if you do not agree with this, though this will unfortunately mean that we cannot carry out a BSS examination on your boat.