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At Marine Heating Solutions, we only do things if we can do them right. We specialize in the installation, repair, and servicing of gas LPG boilers, diesel boilers and heaters, solid fuel stoves, cookers, and electrics. Our comprehensive range of services is backed by a team of skilled professionals, including marine gas engineers, solid fuel engineers, diesel oil heating engineers, and electricians, all dedicated to ensuring your vessel’s comfort and safety. Whether your needs involve routine maintenance, urgent repairs, or new installations, our experts are committed to delivering reliable and efficient solutions tailored to your boat. Trust Marine Heating Solutions to keep your vessel systems perfectly operational.

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Marine Heating Engineers

We are passionate boaters and sailors, who live aboard all year round. Our Heating Engineers are well-versed in various marine heating systems for keeping your vessel warm and can offer real-world, practical advice. We are fully Gas-Safe registered for LPG on Boats. We also hold certifications for installing and servicing diesel and solid fuel heaters, boilers, and stoves.

Each vessel has different needs, based on its construction and how it is used. A liveaboard narrowboat in the depths of winter has different needs than a leisure fishing boat. Whether you are looking to stay comfortable during the worst of what the weather can throw at us or want to take the chill out of a cool, spring morning, Marine Heating Solutions has the right equipment for you.

Marine Electrician Services

At Marine Heating Solutions, we also offer comprehensive marine electrical services tailored to meet the specific needs of boating enthusiasts. Our certified marine electricians are adept at handling the unique electrical challenges present in marine environments. From installing and maintaining boat-specific electrical systems to troubleshooting and repairing, our team ensures your vessel’s electrical systems are safe, reliable, and efficient. Whether you need lighting installations, battery management systems, or domestic power supply setups, our marine electricians are equipped with the expertise and tools to deliver a top-notch service. We prioritize safety, providing you with peace of mind as you navigate the waters.

Boat Plumbing Services

Fresh and waste water plumbing on boats can be challenging.  The system you choose for your boat will depend on the type of vessel and how it is set up. We have many years of experience installing and servicing plumbing setups in the marine sector. Our Boat Plumbers can help you choose the right fresh and wastewater system. We offer a full design, supply, and fitting service. This includes cold and hot fresh water, gravity-fed and pump-fed, grey water disposal, macerator pump-out toilets, and black water tanks.

Marine Heating Tailored to Your Needs

Here we will talk you through some options to consider, depending on the type of boat you have and your planned usage. Visit the pages on LPG/ Gas, Diesel, or Solid Fuel for more detailed information on each type of appliance, or contact us to discuss your needs.

Marine Heating Engineers and Boat Plumbers - LPG - Solid Fuel - Diesel - Fresh Water - Toilets
Marine Heating Solutions Ltd. will keep your boat warm, whatever the weather. All Your Boat Plumbing And Heating Services Under One Roof

Residential vs. Leisure Usage

As touched on above, the way you use your boat will have an effect on the kind of heating you require. Residential boats are becoming ever more popular, particularly on the English canal system.

Leisure craft can benefit from simpler boat heating solutions, no one wants to spend their precious free time aboard faultfinding on an excessively complex setup. In our experience, most leisure crafts are winterised from October – April and thus the users miss the worst of the weather. For these vessels, convenience is key. We recommend diesel or LPG gas setups for leisure boats, to minimise the need to source and store solid fuel.

For residential boats, we recommend a more robust installation, generally with more than one system (e.g. diesel heater plus solid fuel stove) to keep you warm even when the canal outside is frozen solid. Avoiding excess condensation is another concern, this can be resolved by proper insulation and adequate ventilation.

Service intervals should be accounted for: Not every appliance is designed for continual use as would be seen on a residential boat during winter, we will take this into account while planning your heating solution. Your system should be able to see you through winter without having to hunt down marine heating engineers at their peak season to service the appliances. Our boat stove fitters become very busy during the winter months, as do our marine gas engineers.

Narrowboat Heating

Narrowboats, common on UK canals and non-tidal rivers, offer a unique set of challenges for keeping warm. Their long and narrow shape (6’10 wide only, and anywhere up to 72′ long) means that it can be difficult to heat the whole boat evenly. Traditionally, they would have been heated by a solid fuel stove and this is a system which many boaters use to this day.

Narrowboat gas, diesel and solid fuel engineers. Boat Stoves
We offer complete marine heating solutions for narrowboats, from LPG boilers and cookers, to diesel heaters and solid fuel stoves.

Solid fuel stoves remain popular for several reasons. Firstly, if correctly maintained and fired, they can give out heat 24/7 for weeks at a time. Our boat stove fitters can give you advice on the most effective operation of your stove. Secondly, there is an existing infrastructure in place on most canals to supply the fuel, from passing coal boats or marinas. Finally, they are a romantic addition to traditional-style boats. Part of the appeal of boating through winter is the thought of whiling away a long, dark night reading in front of a warm stove.

Diesel-fueled stoves are popular for much the same reason. Their added bonus is that they are cleaner in operation as there is no coal dust or ash in the living areas. With many local authorities now beginning to ban emitting smoke from chimneys, diesel stoves are also the preferred choice for heating boats in urban areas,t.

Due to the shape of a narrowboat, with long, narrow corridors, cabins at the far reaches of the boat will not get warm. Many people choose to have some additional heating in the form of radiators, These are powered by a back boiler, or a diesel heater. Some boats have a second small stove at the far end, to heat sleeping areas overnight.

Finally, our marine gas engineers can help with all your galley and cooker needs, whether it is installing a boat-specific cooker or converting a suitable domestic appliance. They are also skilled in ensuring that all installations comply with marine safety standards, providing peace of mind for your culinary endeavors on the water.

Marine Heating Solutions for Barges and Larger Vessels

As the size of the vessel to be heated increases, so does the strain put on the heating system. For larger vessels, there are arguments to be made for installing LPG combi or diesel combi boilers. Essentially the same as LPG boilers for domestic use, these provide both heating via radiators and hot water. This can then be backed up with a large stove to provide additional heating for the main cabin.

Marine Gas Engineers and Plumbers for Boats and Barges.
Our marine gas LPG engineers provide servicing and installation of all your boat heating systems. Marine Heating Engineers and Boat Plumbers – LPG – Solid Fuel – Diesel – Fresh Water – Toilets

These systems can be scaled up to meet the needs of most larger vessels. They do attract a higher upfront cost, but in the long term, installing these setups works out cheaper than constantly maintaining a patched-together system. We have marine gas engineers on our team (Gas Safe registered) who are able to install LPG systems safely and effectively.

GRP Cabin Cruisers and other Fibreglass Vessels

Fibreglass or GRP boats have different installation requirements to narrowboats and barges which are typical of steel construction. It is often more straightforward to fit a hot air system into fibreglass boats, running ducting in inconspicuous areas. There is often minimal wall space for hanging pipework as found in wet systems. Hot air systems are usually diesel heaters, although there are some LPG heaters available. Our marine gas engineers can fit the LPG heaters safely and effectively.

Boat heating engineers - gas, diesel, solid fuel.
Marine heating solutions for all types of boats. GRP, steel and wooden vessels can be fitted with gas, diesel and solid fuel heaters.

Fitting solid fuel stoves to this type of vessel requires a professional. Protecting the structure of the boat from heat given off by the stove is vital. This means any hearth must be constructed correctly. Our boat stove fitters will be able to see if a solid fuel stove is right for your personal boat.

Heating Yachts and Sailing Vessels

Marine heating systems for sailing vessels such as yachts and sailing barges must take into account an extra consideration. When underway, the boat will heel over. Not every boat heating system on the market is constructed in a way that will allow this. Some diesel stoves are not suitable for sailing vessels, although there are alternatives available. Any stove, solid fuel or diesel, must be very securely affixed. Our boat stove fitters can ensure that this is the case.

Most heating systems function by combustion – i.e. they burn the fuel. This can produce byproducts such as Carbon Dioxide, condensation, and most dangerously, Carbon Monoxide. When installing systems it is vital that you consult a professional marine heating engineer. Especially so on sailing vessels exposed to high winds and heeling.  We will advise on the safest place for the exhaust of these gases.

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