An introduction to Marine Heating Solutions Ltd.

No more cold boats with Marine Heating Solutions

We are Marine Heating Solutions Ltd, a marine business specialising in boat heating and plumbing. A cold boat is an unhappy boat, but your boat doesn’t have to be cold in winter. Our team can help extend the enjoyment you get from your vessel throughout the winter season.

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Formed by directors of Floating Boatyard, Marine Heating Solutions brings our considerable marine experience to the boat heating sector. Our boat stove fitters, diesel heating engineers and marine LPG engineers are experienced trades and will work with you to get the right solution for your vessel, so no more cold boat.

Introducing Marine Heating Solutions - No more cold boats in the winter.
Even wintery days like this can be cruising days with the help of Marine Heating Solutions Ltd.

Our background

Formed of passionate liveaboard boaters, Marine Heating Solutions Ltd. formed in 2018. The directors had the aim of ensuring no boat was cold and damp during the winter season. Having experienced harsh weather during the Beast from the East of Spring 2018, and from many previous winters, it became apparent that boaters and sailors were having real difficulty finding reliable, safe and competent marine heating engineers and boat plumbers.

Our aims – no more cold boats

Living with a cold boat, even for just a weekend, has dramatic effects on comfort and the safety of the crew. When crew are tired and exhausted from being on a cold boat, mistakes are more likely to happen. Even gentle, inland waterways can be difficult territory during the winter. Ice forms on narrowboat gunwales, locks become slippy and dangerous. Keeping your wits about you essential, which is why a warm cabin to recuperate is important. On sailing vessels too, it is possible to provide cockpit heating. This keeps fingers and toes defrosted enough to safely handle lines and walk around the boat.

Get in touch with Marine Heating Solutions today to finally be able to answer the famous ‘doesn’t your boat get cold in winter?’ question with a resounding no.