Cinderella Incinerator Toilet

Incinerator Toilets For Boats

Cinderella incinerator toilets for boats are the perfect all-around solution. No more smelly Elsan tanks, poisonous or polluting chemicals, and dealing with dirty overflowing waste facilities. No more organising your life and cruising pattern around the nearest working pump-out machine. With Cinderella incinerating toilets, you simply empty the ash pan once a week, that’s it. The toilet is designed to incinerate urine, human faeces, tampons, sanitation pads, and toilet paper only.

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The easiest, cleanest, and most environmentally friendly solution for boat toilet waste.

Cinderella toilets incinerate waste immediately after use, using only 110g of propane per flush. The waste will be burned, leaving only non-toxic ash that can be disposed of in general waste or on compost heaps, etc. The ashes are also a very good fertilizer and do not damage the environment in any way. There are no chemicals required at all. The toilets use insertable bowl liners that leave the toilet clean after every use. Cinderella incinerator toilets for boats only require a 12 power supply, drawing less than 1.3amps. This can be supplied by a simple leisure battery and solar panel set up, or connected to your existing 12v electrics.

Please be aware these toilets are designed and warranted for Leisure Use. Domestic use will incur higher maintenance intervals.

Cinderella Motion Incinerator Toilet


  • Voltage 12VDC
  • Stand by power 0.005 Amp
  • Incineration power 1.3 Amp
  • Gas Propane (30mBar)
  • Incineration power 3000W (Burning)
  • Height 540 mm (21¼”)
  • Height (Seat) 490 mm (19¼”)
  • Width 390 mm (15½”)
  • Depth 590 mm (23¼”)
  • Weight 20 kg
  • Capacity Up to 6 persons

Cinderella Travel LPG Incinerator Toilet Price:

£4,453.90 incl. VAT

Additional Parts:

Cinderella Travel Installation Kit£265.00
Cinderella Travel Stainless Steel Air Inlet Flange£299.80
MCR Trio LPG and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Ivory£89.95
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Cinderella Travel – Incinerator Toilet

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