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There are many marine heating appliances on the market, made to suit many different environments and budgets.

We currently work in partnership with the following brands, as approved suppliers:..

Heater and Cooker Prices - Link Image to Planar

Heater and Cooker Brands - Link Image to Dickinson

Heater and Cooker Brands - Link Image to Salamander
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We are happy to work on all marine heating appliances and are always adding to our list of brands. Please let us know if there is a manufacturer you think should be added to our stable.

Please click through to see the individual brand pages, where we give you an insight into the brands we work with. You can also take a look at the various marine heating appliances we recommend for new installations carried out by us.

Why these brands?

Started by the Directors behind Floating Boatyard, Marine Heating Solutions Ltd. Is made up of a core team of passionate boaters and sailors, all of whom live on their boats year round. This lived experience has given us an unbeatable insight into what works on boats, and what doesn’t. We have all, in our early years aboard, spent time cursing and shivering while trying to keep warm in an unforgiving environment.

We don’t sell anything that we would not fit on our own boats. If we think an appliance or system is not suitable for you, your boat or your budget we will tell you. We have chosen to focus on suppliers with a reputation for building high quality, robust marine heating appliances. We have aimed to get a good spread of price ranges for differing types of appliances. This includes basic but highly functional appliances, as well as appliances which are as beautiful as they are fantastic pieces of engineering.

Please note: Our business is focused on installing, repairing and servicing marine heating appliances and systems, we will only be able to supply appliances for jobs where we are carrying out works.

Get in touch and speak to us today about your marine heating system.