Hamlet Hardy 4 Stove Install

Hamlet Hardy 4 Stove Install on a Narrowboat

This Hamlet Hardy 4 Stove was installed by us on Narrowboat Morgaine. This was a basic install with the flue, fireboard and hearth installed by our marine heating engineers, and the tiling and flooring left to be completed by the client. If you are looking for a cheap stove install, then this is a good option. All the safety related work can be carried out by us fully licensed and insured, while the cosmetic work and finishing touches can be done by you to save money.

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Hamlet Hardy Boat Stove Install

– The Hearth

For this Hamlet Hardy 4 Stove install, we used a marble plate for the hearth. This has been sunk into the floor, to make it level with the floorboards. There isn’t much space for walking on a narrowboat and if the boat is moving it easy to put a foot wrong. The last thing we want is for someone to stub their tow or insure themselves on the hearth.

Hamlet Hardy 4 Stove Install - Marble Hearth

 – Heat Protection Panels

All boat stove installs need to be BSS safe. This means installing heat protection panels on the surrounding walls and behind any uninsulated flues. These panels should be made from vermiculite board, or fire board, and be at least 25 mm thick. The panels most be mounted with a 10 mm gap behind them.The stove must be placed at least 45 mm away from the heat protection panels.

Hamlet Hardy 4 Stove Install - Heat Protection Panels

 – The Roof Collar and Flue

On this Hamlet Hardy 4 Stove install, we used a standard and insulated steel flue. This has the advantage of being able to utilise the heat output from the flue. With insulated flues, much of the heat gets lost and simply blown out of the chimney. We fitted the flue with an angled roof collar and removable chimney. This keeps the chimney straight on the angled narrowboat roof. The chimney is easily removable when passing under low bridge.

Hamlet Hardy 4 Stove Install - Roof Collar and Flue